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Tanning using indoor equipment should be treated with the same caution as sunlight, A tan should be built up gradually, especially if you have sensitive or fair skin. The use of a sunbed should not be repeated if signs of redness remain from previous sunbathing or tanning sessions. 

Do not exceed the maximum number of recommended sunbed sessions per year (60). 

Do not touch lamps or tamper with equipment whilst tanning 

Always remove contact lenses/ glasses and wear CE approved eye protection. Keep eyes closed and avoid looking directly at the light tubes. Always wear eye protection provided. 

It is recommended that all traces of cosmetics and deodorants are removed before use of a sunbed. No SPF’s or lotions should be applied before tanning with the exception of professional tanning lotions designed for sunbed use.

If you suffer from ill effects from normal sunbathing, epilepsy, diabetes, headaches/ migraines, hypertension, fainting/ giddiness, prickly heat, cold sores, moles or allergies or you are using light-sensitive medication or are currently under medical supervision for any condition, please seek medical advice before using a sunbed